File Carving with osquery

Osquery has the capability to pull files from endpoints that it is monitoring with file carving.

Simply query the carves table with your desired filepath and carve=1, which tells osquery that you want to start this carve.

SELECT * FROM carves WHERE path LIKE '/tmp/files/%%' AND carve=1;

The carving will happen once the scheduler dispatches the request. You can check on the status of a carve to see if it's completed yet. The status will be one of STARTING, PENDING, SUCCESS, or FAILED.

How to enable file carving

File carving is disabled by default. In order to enable it, you must pass the flag --disable_carver=false.

Additionally you may want to configure the following flags for your backend.


Excerpted from this blog post:

  • carver_compression turns on Zstd compression for the files being returned
  • carver_disable_function allows for using carve as a function